Silicone skin penetration

Percutaneous absorption was evaluated using this human abdominal tissue which was mounted in Bronaugh flow-through diffusion cells. The flux was calculated from the slope of the cumulative amounts of norethindrone acetate in the receiver compartment vs. Such substances or physical methods, usually temporarily and reversibly modify the stratum corneum barrier, assisting in drug penetration. The method of claim 14 wherein the pharmaceutically active compound is hydrophobic and is dispersed in the hydrophilic phase. Of these chemicals, were neurotoxins, and are known to damage growth development or cause birth defects. The results indicated that the choice of a vehicle clearly had an impact on the enhancer effect of the evaluated substances. Nadia. Age: 26. Hello, I am Vika - I am 23 years old, just move to Warsaw Daylene. Age: 22. About me I'm 5' 5 petite, Brown Eyes,long dirty blonde hair, White, 110 lbs, Perky 34 C Natural

Silicone in Skin Care

The addition of small quantities of alcohol produces a significant increase in the flow of salicylic acid through the skin, being that the longer the lateral carbon chain, this being up to a length of 14 carbon atoms, the greater is the enhancing effect produced. Topical pharmaceutical compositions containing silicone excipients for delivery of the active ingredient to the substrate. These are cyclic oligosaccharides formed by at least 6 glucose units, being that the most well known are a -cyclodextrin 6 units , b -cyclodextrin 7 units and g -cyclodextrin 8 units , which are obtained from starch by the action of the cyclodextrine-glycosil-transferase CGTase enzyme Clarke et al. The method of claim 14 which further comprises combining a co-emulsifier that is soluble in either or both of the hydrophilic solvent and the lipophilic phase. Micellar waters tend to be very gentle so you may need to use a bit more product to get the job done. Since that time, silicone technology has been expanded, making the family of chemicals among the most used in the modern world. To view the fulltext, please log in. In fact, these concerns underlay the U. Silicon is present in water, plant and animal sources, it is impossible to avoid. Join Us on Social Media. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 91 8:

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Double emulsions based on silicone-fluorocarbon-water and their skin penetration - ScienceDirect

Gio March 2, - 5: According to Wikipedia , Polydimethylsiloxane "has also been used as a filler fluid in breast implants, although this practice has decreased somewhat, due to safety concerns, despite some evidence that it may be protective against breast cancer. If there are so many silicone-free products these days is because people unfortunately believe the lies about how bad silicones are and cosmetic companies find it easier to capitalize on these fears than setting the record straight. The stratum corneum is a thin layer of dense, highly keratinized cells approximately microns thick over most of the body. Permissions Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. It is another object of the present invention to provide a composition of matter useful for the delivery of a pharmacologically active agent through skin, comprising the above-described enhancer composition in combination with a selected pharmacologically active agent. The results are summarized in Table 1.



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